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I know that some things like Encyclopedia Dramatica and the moonman meme are intended to be satirical, but to any sane person it just comes off as arrogant. In fact, the definition of satire isn't what many people apparently think it is. It isn't to point out something doing something bad by doing the exact same thing it does. It makes people think you're doing it and support what they're doing.

So yeah, I'll just go ahead and confirm the term "freedom of speech" is often confused by many people to mean to say anything even if it's offensive and hurts other people's feelings and/or illegal. And "satire" is often misconceived as meaning to imitate someone doing something offensive and/or threatening by doing the exact same thing. Surely we aren't stupid enough to believe things like that won't get us in trouble, right?


The band Yes is a meme now... time for me to question my religion.
BREAKING NEWS: Sausage Party has 83% on RT.
In other news: Donald Trump becomes president...
I just got my computer back! :D        
Did you know that grey is the only color on the spectrum that cannot be inverted?
If Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton, I endorse Hillary Clinton.



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United States
Welcome to my DeviantArt page. I starting drawing cartoons in 2008 in school originally revolving around stick figures, but then I started drawing ROBLOX-themed cartoons in 2010, after I had joined the site the previous year. I started making videos on GoAnimate in April 2011, hoping to make those ROBLOX cartoons into animations. But later on in 2012 I canned the ROBLOX concept and decided to create my own original drawing style for the cartoons, which became Tj's World. So I became an MS Paint user in October 2012 after I started the Tj's World Wiki to bring my cartoon to life, and since then I have made a lot of pictures with said program which you can find and view here and on Wikia.

I like to do fanon art (posters, covers, etc. that aren't real), occasionally fan art and some other things. Also, I have autism, so please don't try to hurt my feelings. And one more thing; don't get tricked into thinking my fanon stuff is real. Warning: if you make hate art of my characters (i.e. making a picture of them getting killed, etc) I'll report you. And if you have something hurtful to say to me, keep it to yourself.

My other accounts:
ROBLOX: tjdrum
GoAnimate: TjsWorld2011
Wikia: Tjdrum2000
YouTube: TjsWorld2011

Current operating system: Windows 10 (though sometimes I use Windows Vista)
Company: TjsWorld2011 Pictures (fanon, see… for info)
Game consoles: Wii, PSP, Nintendo 3DS XL


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